Teenagers and my new blog!

Welcome to my very first blog. I’m excited to document the stories that have changed my life!

It seems fitting that my first blog would be about… my first blog and cringe, all the help I got from my four teenagers getting started. Did you say four? Yes, we own four teenagers, a 14, 16, 18 & just turned 20-year old… God in His wisdom and goodness, has blessed us with not just a house full of teens, but …

The ability to wipe our tears, go to sleep and wake up and do it all again, with more love in our hearts for each one of their mind-numbing, gray hair producing beautiful souls! (What are you doing? Oh you’re stopping to pray… Yeah I get that a lot!)


I asked my teens to help me decide on a new name for this site, (BIG mistake, YUGE!) We’re sorry, name for your blog???  Funny, we thought you said you needed help feeding pieces of your soul to things that have bloodied talons … Same difference.

I got ahead of myself, this is how it started. I was about to publish, a much too long status update, which I typically dub “BLOST,” (blog + Post) It’s my thing. Sadly I discovered I did not invent this word, Urban Dictionary already had it listed, BUT they define it as being so high, you forget where you are… Like, “Dude, where are we? We’re like totally blost dude!”  Basically it’s just a post that’s too long and annoying to be on Facebook, but too short for an actual blog. I should’ve made the jump years ago to blogging, but I tend to shy away from anything that sounds like “jogging,” also with 2 million blog’s published every day… meh… AND yet, as I was about to blost my most recent thoughts, I hear… “this should be blogged.”

Hear? Yes, that small still voice that I’ve heard since I was a little girl. The beautiful one that I try to obey, that I’ve tried to obey for 30+ years. Still trying…

Alright, this should be blogged, let’s do this. Step 1: Ask your sister. Definitely! Such great advice, everyone should have a supah smaat sister. Step 2: Ask your blogging friends. Oh mylanta yes. Seriously everyone should have friends that blog. Step 3: Ask your teens… (What the heaven?! No!) Nobody should ever ask a teen anything… ever! But…

Why? Well after we got past, “nobody cool blogs anymore,” and I’m “so 10 years too late to this party,” and it’s too bad I’m not more “scene” or “hip” or else I could’ve started a “VLOG” (V-log?)  how would I know because, “I could never pull that off,” seriously “Do I even know what a blog is?” (Actually, that one is yet to be seen.)

After all that, we finally got to step one. More than one online article, said your blog name should speak to the “real you” … hmmm? The real me? Sweet, smart, sassy,  full of wit and love for the world. Perhaps it should be called “Gentle Wisdom From A Whimsy Heart .com”

Hmm? My kids see it a little differently. (People always ask me, are you ok? Are you crying? FYI: The answer is always, “Yes I was just!” or “Yes I’m just about too!”) Here we go, best choices for a new blog name from my kiddo’s…

  1. “TheLazyBlogger .com”
  1. “TrysTooHardToBeFunnyMom .com”
  1. “SweaterVestAndMomJeans .com”
  1. “TooBadYouCannotTakeYourCouchToHeaven .com”

And the winner by far…

  1. “ChubbyChuckles .com”


Did you know God did NOT invent Teens? The word Teenager made its debut in 1941. It’s interesting to note that also in that century (1945) the first atomic bomb was tested! No kidding?  Both man-made inventions in the same century… Coincidence?… Who’s to say?  Did the second inventor have kids?

Not surprising (but not typical) the final name came to me in a dream, “Laughter and Faith!” When I woke up, I had it on my mind and had settled it in my spirit, I told Him this makes sense, these are the two things I cling to daily (since murder and drugs are frowned upon) My kids have asked me about my blog, they really do care. I told them Chubby Chuckles was a close second and to never speak of it again.

He has asked me to start a blog, I have started a blog.

And we’re laughing and we’re faith-ing!

3 thoughts on “Teenagers and my new blog!

  1. Chris, I as absolutely adore your perspective and whimsical spin on life and the laughter God throws in our lives. It’s true that God does have a sense of humor so I love the “Laughter & Faith ” name! I admire Kenny and Glory for stepping up to the challenge God has put before them…trust in Him.☝So many of us don’t listen when God calls us then we regret it later. I always say “live life with no regrets!” Thanks for the “blost”!💛


    1. Yes Yes Yes…. it think many people have waited for you to take this step. Although, I personally laugh (always out loud and most of the time at the wrong times) at your blosts. Your sense of realness if refreshing.


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