The Moonlit Tree

“The Moonlit Tree!” …By: Chris Churches

The moon could shine on Love and harmony

Children laughing perhaps, in a sweet melody

It could shine on the stream full of life giving plenty

That one that nourishes your soul, ever so gently.

But what kind of distress will the moon truly find?

The sad of mind, or the blind leading the blind

And what my friend, will the river brine?

Unsalted, shameful and rootless decline

Oh moon hide away, shield your eyes this day.

I don’t feel love… I have not learned

I toil completely unconcerned

I see no peace, no joy or forgiveness

Just a vicious dark unlawful thickness.

Where is that stream?… Not one person asks

Too drunk from the ruby in our metal flasks

Where is the light of the moon?…Nobody wonders!

Can’t be distracted from heartless plunders.

I long for this tree that shines so bright

Who’s roots go down and are His delight

Who’s leaves are green and flourishing

Who’s branches reach heaven for nourishing

I long for this tree bathed in beautiful light

Who’s hope is  never dark, amidst the darkest night

Who’s heart beats for God and will not be cut down

Who’s soul is eternally and un-measurably found

Bathing in sweet and profound strength  from above

I long for this tree, planted with kindness and love

Who’s free from all pride, a humble, child-like, gem of a tree

Who’s every branch whispers… God Loves me.

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